What is Pay the Rent?

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Pay The Rent. Saying Sorry Isn’t Enough.

We live, work and play on land that was forcibly taken from Aboriginal people. There has been no Treaty with the First Nations of this place and the effects of colonisation continue to this day.

We could wait for years for the government to sign a Treaty and commit to justice and restitution for Aboriginal people. But we don’t want to just sit and wait. We want to act now in solidarity with Aboriginal people.

Your contribution goes to grassroots initiatives and mob in need. Pay The Rent has helped cover the costs of many funerals and supported families with immediate survival needs. Funds have gone towards Justice and supported Black Deaths in Custody work. GMAR VIC (Grandmothers Against Removals Victoria) has received funds to support their work to keep our kids with their families, where they belong.

Who runs Pay the Rent?
There are two interconnected volunteer groups who both meet regularly - the Sovereign Body of First Nations people who make the decisions about how rent is distributed, and an Administrative Arm of allies undertaking the logistical and administrative work.

The Sovereign Body are a small group of 8 First Nations representatives, collectively ensuring decisions are made transparently and centered around the needs of First Nations people. They are chosen for their shared experience and expertise across the following areas: 

  • Lived experience from first hand impact of Deaths in Custody and the shortfalls of the justice system
  • Traditional Owner and knowledge holder from the Wurundjeri Lands and Educational professional
  • Traditional Owner Wurundjeri Land and trauma trained consultant.
  • Grassroots activist leading some of the countries largest political campaigns
  • Academic with a specialisation in Global Urban and Social Studies
  • GMAR, with a lived history of supporting Aboriginal Families and experience in the health Sector
  • Advocate against family violence, justice Warrior, Author and respected Aunty
  • Project management in large organisations, with sound community engagement experience.

The Sovereign Body is currently working through how to honour the legacy of the Elders and their role in the movement; and how money allocations can be fair and transparent to First Nation communities.

The Administrative Arm is responsible for setting up systems to respond to the wonderful influx of people who are engaging and contributing rent. They are working on a more user-friendly website; responding to all the inquiries from conscientious people interested in Paying the Rent; and establishing systems that can help us grow - for individuals, organisations and businesses. Our Admin Arm members include: Jessica Morrison, Anica Niepraschk, Clare Land, Elizabeth Wheeler, AC Hunter, Oliver Hornung, Rhys Cranney, and Tess Malcolm.

Thank you for your consideration and for being part of a community that is committed to a better future for First Nations peoples.

You can read more about Pay The Rent here.

All contributions are handled by the app Round Up For Charity, and payments are completely automated - Round Up For Charity handles collecting and distributing the donations.