Stella is here to provide high quality, delicious and responsibly sourced coffee to anyone who wants to discover it. 

Stella is lead by Tim Varney, who's been doing coffee for some time and in various capacities - as a coffee roaster for Tim Wendelboe, as the co-founder of the World AeroPress Championship or as a co-founder of Melbourne's first co-roasting space Bureaux.

We're at the start of our journey, and we're excited to be working with Melbourne Coffee Merchants and Cafe Imports Australia - we're not quite at the stage of flying all over the globe to source green, and we're not even sure if that's what we will be doing at all.

Right now we want to do what we do well - roast coffee - while celebrating and supporting those who are working with producers responsibly.

Our retail bags are 100% recyclable, and can go straight in with your other paper recycling. They are simple bags - no "one-way" valve, no ziplock for resealing. I'm not sure we can justify that kind of extra waste. Once you open the bag - pop it into one of the thousand sealable containers you have at home. Easy.

The idea that coffee needs to be consumed within a mystical window between 3 and 12 days off-roast is maddening. Quality coffee will be fine a good 3+ weeks after roasting.


Stella is a Worksmith project.

Worksmith is a co-working space, but also a hub and a platform to collaborate, innovate, and grow. Worksmith provides its members with flexible workplaces, top-of-the-range equipment and amenities, and a thriving, supportive community of food, beverage and hospitality professionals.

All images used throughout the Stella brand were taken by Bill Varney through the 1970s and 80s, unless otherwise noted.

Stella Clarke loved her grandchildren and her Citroen DS.