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Banko Gotiti | Ethiopia

Banko Gotiti | Ethiopia

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Sweet citrus, white florals, and some red berry sweetness. Delicate structure with plenty of clarity and silky mouthfeel.

Banko Gotiti is a village in the Gedeb district in the southern part of the Yirgacheffe region. The Banko Gotiti cooperative has around 300 members - all smallholder producers farming heirloom varieties, many of whom own less than 1/2 hectare of land, and as little as 1/8 hectare on average. The cooperative was founded in 2012, so it's a relatively young cooperative. 

Coffees in Ethiopia are typically tricky to trace beyond washing station level. That said, this particular lot has coffee sourced from the 300 odd partner producers who entrust their harvest to the washing station at the Banko Gotiti cooperative. The results are very good, as this lot displays all the hallmarks of a coffee from Yirgacheffe - plenty of white florals and lovely sweet citrus.

Responsibly sourced by the excellent team at Cafe Imports.

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