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La Esperanza | Colombia

La Esperanza | Colombia

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Apricot, green apple and perhaps some strawberries & cream, anyone? A silky, pillow-like mouthfeel bound by a white sugar sweetness, vibrant acidity and complex fruit make this coffee a delight.

This micro-lot was produced by William Buitrago and Aminta Mahocha Franco on their 11-hectare farm, La Esperanza (meaning “the hope” in Spanish), located near the small community of China Alta, in the municipality of Ibagué, in Colombia’s Tolima state.

Finca La Esperanza sits at a staggering height of 1,960 meters above sea level, in the steep, rugged hills that surround Tolima’s capital city, Ibagué. The region of China Alta is named for the Rio La China, a small and beautiful river that swerves through the mountains and eventually feeds into Rio Magdelena, Colombia’s principal river. Alta refers to the higher elevations of the area, where the sweetest and most refined coffees are grown and harvested.

Sourced by the excellent team at Melbourne Coffee Merchants.

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